Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project Gutenberg

Confession time: I have an e-reader. It's a Barnes & Noble nook and it's my favorite gadget ever. What can I say, I love books in all shapes, sizes and formats and this little device shrinks my entire personal library to the size of a trade paperback. What's even better, it allows me to get books that are in the public domain for free and read them comfortably in my chair instead of staring at the computer screen. I only have to download the book from the internet and load it onto the nook.
"But where do I get these free public domain books?" you wonder. Glad you asked. When the B&N library doesn't have the e-book I want Project Gutenberg is my destination of choice. They have 33 thousand (!) books available for download to be read on all kinds of devices from Kindle to iPad to Android to iPhone and a lot of them are illustrated editions. Now how cool is that? And since in most cases books become part of the public domain 50-70 years after the death of the author anything that's considered a "classic" is out there for all of us to enjoy. For some titles they even have audiobooks and versions in the language of the original if the book was written in a language other than English. So here's the link, check them out:
Go To Project Gutenberg

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