Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The New York Times Books Section

The reading list I'm planning for next year will mostly consist of books that are on the NYT Best Seller list this year and so I've been visiting the site quite a bit. Yes, I even have a spreadsheet where I track titles, but I digress. As I've been perusing the list I've also read some articles, become familiar with what's getting released, was thrilled to read a name or a title that I recognized (constantly playing catch-up can be a losing game), learned more about an author or a book I was vaguely interested in from a previous mention and added it to the list. It's a solid resource, as I'm sure many of you know, and there's always something of interest for a bookishly-oriented mind. It's not just reviews, interviews and lists though, there are interesting articles and opinion pieces that rotate so you always have a chance of reading them, such as the Reading and Guilty Pleasure, for example. I myself am constantly making an effort to add more challenging reads to my enormous reading list, and actually read them, and at the same time repeatedly succumb to various temptations (Jeannette Frost's Kat and Bones, anyone?), so this one was definitely something I could relate to. I have even been reading some book reviews in the hopes to absorb some wisdom, don't know if that's working though.
So yes, if you want some quality book-themed reading check out the NYT Books page, it's got excellent potential to occupy you for hours.

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