Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alice lives in Central Park

I love to see how literature influences other arts, painting, sculpture, for example. Artists all over the world are inspired by the characters many of us love and here's one delightful example:

The dedication plaque reads
"Alice In Wonderland
In memory of my wife
Margarita Delacorte
who loved all children.

George T. Delacorte Jr. was the founder of Dell Publishing Company, one of the largest publishers of books, magazines and comics during its heyday. He donated the money for this sculpture as well as the sculptures of The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet that are also located in Central Park. The sculpture was created by Jose de Creeft and was dedicated May 7, 1959. Tt is known as Alice In Wonderland as well as the Margaret Delacorte Memorial in the honor of Mr. Delacorte's first wife.

Special thanks to the creators and contributors of Wikipedia for the information found here and here

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