Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Special Feature:

I love the local library dearly but they don't always have the books I'm looking for and book stores can get pretty pricey, even second-hand ones. Luckily there's this site where book-lovers can swap books. You simply post what you have on the site, fellow users request the book from you and you mail it to them. For every book you mail you get a point and with these points you can request books from other users. You don't have to pay for them because you've already essentially paid for postage when you mailed your book earlier. If you send the package using the Media Mail option postage is usually under $2.50 and that's pretty good. I am yet to see a book I want to read priced that low. So if you have volumes stacked in piles and insulating your house but you don't want to deal with the "2 for 1" formula of the used book stores I recommend that you check these guys out, they are at

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