Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Special Feature: NetGalley

As a voracious reader I love to see what books are going to be released soon, what looks interesting, what I might want to add to my ever growing Read Pile. As a blogger I love to be able to get my hands on a yet-unreleased titles and possibly make my readers interested in them with my reviews (Rage and Lost Voices are two books I received from NetGalley and reviewed recently). There's one site that allows me to do both and that site is NetGalley. An extremely wide variety of publishers working with what seems like every genre out there make digital galleys for their new releases available there and registered users can request them. It does help if you have an audience so librarians, book store associates, bloggers with a wide readership have a much better chance of getting approved to receive a galley than, say, humble book lovers who share their thoughts only with their trusty journal - publishers do want to have word of their new releases spread far and wide after all. So if you'd love to get your hands on some brand new books NetGalley is a great place to visit.

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