Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bookworm by Carl Spitzweg
(Der Bücherwurm)
19½ in × 10½ in (49.5 cm × 26.8 cm)
Oil on canvas
Presently located at the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt, Germany

When I first googled "bookworm art" this was one of the results that came up and I just fell in love with this painting for its warm colors, what looks like an amazing library, the ladder and the fact that the old gentleman obviously doesn't have enough hands for all the books he wants to read. Some day that might be me, but of course wearing something more fashionable :)
There is an extensive article about this painting on Wikipedia, you can find it here.

P.S. And doesn't "bookworm" sound totally cute in German? 


  1. this is so cute! Reminds me of the bookseller in Beauty and the Beast!

  2. Wonderful painting, thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love this painting, and would love to get bookshelves like those. (And yep, a special bookshelf ladder, too.)