Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Special Feature - Blog: .bibliophile. .anonymous.

There's plenty of great blogs out there and many of them talk about books in a way that makes you feel like you met a good friend and over tea or coffee they told you about the latest book they've read .bibliophile. .anonymous. is one such blog and it is one of my favorites.
Jessie posts almost every day and it's always something interesting. She reviews mainly YA and while sci-fi and fantasy and its various sub-genres feature most prominently there's also historical and general fiction. On Wednesdays there's a blog watch post with links to all kinds of interesting and fun things all over the internet and I've been enjoying those as much as her reviews, which are always honest, articulate and just detailed enough to give you a good idea of the book without giving much away. Another reason I like this blog is that the books Jessie features are often the kind I know I would enjoy but different enough for me to be always able to find something new to add to my ever-growing Read Pile. On second thought, that might not be such a great thing... But I can't resist. I'm sure you understand. Now go ahead and pay Jessie a visit, .bibliophile. .anonymous. is worth your time. 

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