Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A wall of books in Amsterdam

If you're ever in West Amsterdam look for this building with a 10-meter tall section filled with ceramic books. It must be a well-kept secret because I found very few referenced to it online and they all seem to come from one source: andrevanb's photostream on Flickr. (Thank you for sharing this unique landmark with the world, Andre!) And if anyone has any information about it please share, I'd love to know how this "book case" came about.


  1. I have no extra information, but I think it's beautiful.

  2. perhaps it's too late but i've just find this: "De Batavier (De Boekenkast), façade design, ceramic and brick, ±250 ceramic books, total size 750 x 250 cm, Lootsstraat, Amsterdam, 2006

    De Batavier is a façade design commissioned by the housing organization De Alliantie and HVDN Architects from Amsterdam.

    The building is situated in Lootsstraat, in a neighbourhood where streets are named after Dutch poets and writers from the 18th and 19th century (e.g. C. Loots, J.van Lennep, J.P. Heije, J. Kinker, A.C.W. Staring).

    The work is a “library” consisting of 250 unique ceramic books.
    Each book carries the title of a poem from one of the above mentioned poets or a drawing from the famous 18th century type book by Johan Enschede.

    This project is realised through close collaboration with the ceramist P.Kemink (Koloriet, Amsterdam) and graphic designers Melle Hammer and Susanne Laws."