Thursday, January 19, 2012

Special Feature: Margaret Mitchell House & Museum

If you're ever in Atlanta and have some free time make sure to stop by the Margaret Mitchell House. The building survived several fires, endured multiple renovations and is now open to the public as a museum where visitors can tour the apartment where Margaret Mitchell lived and wrote her Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gone With The Wind. The apartment was preserved the way it was when the writer and her husband occupied it, down to the leaded-glass window through which Ms. Mitchell looked out while working.
Visit the official website of the House in preparation for your visit, and then just for fun stop by the Tiny Library blog post where Sam talks about her visit of the museum last year.


  1. Thanks for linking :)

    I loved it here and would definitely go again if not for the prohibitive cost of the plane ticket!

  2. How could I not, your post gave me the idea to talk about the house in the first place! I'll go visit it some day, it sounds absolutely lovely.