Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google Friend Connect & The Future

Tomorrow, March 1, Google will be retiring the Friend Connect service for all non-Blogger sites and since I don't want my current GFC subscribers to be left without their twice-weekly dose of Bibliophile's Corner here are some alternative (or additional) ways to connect and keep track of the posts:

The easiest way would be to click Follow on top of the page. There is also a Subscribe and Follow By Email section towards the middle of the right panel on every page. Feel free to use them. Don't worry, there won't be any spam mail.

If you're into socializing in 140 characters or less follow bibliocorner on Twitter. The blog is linked to the account so whenever there's a new post a tweet pops up. I also tweet about fun bookish things whenever something interesting comes up on the news feed and/or I find my way out of the introvert shell.

If you're a Facebook fan you can follow me there through Networked Blogs. There's not a dedicated Bibliophile's Corner FB page, not yet anyway, so for now Networked Blogs is it.

For those who firmly believe that Facebook is evil (or any variation on the theme) I'm also testing the waters with Google+. Not sure how it all works just yet so bear with me.

You can also follow me through Google Reader or any other RSS reader.

Good luck with this transition!

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