Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Feature - Bookish Things. Inspiration: Hunger Games

Hunger Games opened less than a week ago and although I haven't read the books yet (shame on me) I'm pretty excited about the movie and will most likely go see it in theater. And since I have a soft spot for fandoms, today I wanted to bring to your attention that you don't have to run to Hot Topic and clear out their supply of Hunger Games merchandise to show off your devotion to the books, movie or characters. Or all of the above.
You have the option of purchasing something from one of the artists on Etsy. Not only will the item be unique but you also have the option of being mainstream or subtle in your choice. For example I love this necklace pendant from Sevinoma.
Just go to and do a search for Hunger Games. It's amazing how many results come up and how creative and beautiful a lot of items are. Happy shopping and may the odds be ever in your favor. (Couldn't resist ;) )

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