Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Special Feature: Bookends

I have been pretty much obsessed with bookends for the last several days so it's not at all surprising that when the time to write about bookish things came I immediately wanted to share my recent finds with you. Here are a few classic, word-related, whimsical and character-inspired bookends. Best part - pictures are clickable and will take you to where I found them! And for more fun bookends stop by my page on Pinterest.

Vintage globe bookends Metal bookends Crown Bookends Corbel Bookend

Poetry bookends by KnobCreekMetalArts Read Books Bookends Book End bookends @ and & bookends

Elephant reading bookends Kids reading bookend Cherub reading

Mermaid bookend Harry Potter bookends White whale bookends


  1. I love the ironwork scroll ones, the crown ones, and the elephant ones!

  2. I liked the iron ones too. It was so hard to choose between all the cool options out there!