Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wellesbourne - A Bar With... Books!

I was going to write about a library today and dove into my notes to find one that would inspire me. Then I got to the note that read "The Wellesbourne. Pub/Library. Los Angeles." The library post is going to have to wait.
As soon as I saw the pictures I immediately put the place on my "Must visit some day" list. According to the reviewers on Yelp the place is designed as an old-world pub/lounge with dim lighting, background music, bartenders decked out in bow-ties, old-fashioned drink selection, large comfy sofas, a fireplace and antique books everywhere. Sure sounds like one of those private libraries in mansions passed down through generations, doesn't it?
To see more pictures and read the reviews visit The Wellesbourne's Yelp page. The official website is but there isn't anywhere near enough information there to satisfy my curiosity. It must be under construction. What is there though promises a solid, gentleman's club-like experience. I'm in!

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  1. Oh my god! My two favourite things combined! Books and beer :-O Oh dear it's too far away to just nip too though :) Can you tell that this is why we host the MBC in a bar!? :)