Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clandestine Book Store: Brazenhead Books

Today I was looking for a book store to tell you about and when I saw an article about Michael Seidenberg's secret Brazenhead Books I couldn't imagine talking about anything else. Judge for yourself: a used book shop in a secret location in New York City that's just begging for you to find it. Do I wish I lived in New York! Here is a short video to prompt googling in the white pages (without any results worth mentioning, I must say):


  1. Hi Olga,

    Is it true you can still find Brazenhead in the phone book? I'm in NYC and wanted to visit the shop before I leave.


  2. Kathryn, the owner said you can, but I don't have a copy so I can't confirm or deny. And it's probably not in the yellow pages, I'm sure he was pretty creative about the entry. It is secret after all :)