Sunday, March 17, 2013

Special Feature: Happenings

NPR's Interview with Paula Byrne discussing how small objects reveal 'The Real Jane Austen'.
Saving The Sounds Of America: the Library of Congress has released a plan for preserving the country's long but fragile archive of recorded audio
The Book of Kells has been digitized and is now free to view online in its entirety. Happy St. Patrick's day!

Lara Santoro of Huffington Post asks Are Women In Fiction More Limited?
Patrick Wensink's take on why indie authors, no matter how near the top of the best-seller lists, don't talk about money.

The Women's Prize for Fiction (formerly The Orange Prize) longlist has been announced.
Barnes & Noble isn't doing so well with its Nook sales. According to NY Times they are looking at discontinuing the Nook line. Hope not.
Debut authors writing short stories, as well as novel-writers, rejoice! More literary fiction imprints coming for Amazon.

Write Place, Write Time: where authors create

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