Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book-to-Movie: Two New Releases I'm Excited About

I've been full-on fangirling for a while now over two movies that will be released later this year. They're both based on best-selling YA fantasy series and I think it's really cool that all these movies are being made and that their budgets are far from puny. Haters can say whatever they want but I believe that Twilight opened the door for these movies and made it possible for them to be completely and totally awesome. (I did mention the fangirling, don't say you haven't been warned.) But back to the movies.

First up is Sony's City of Bones, due to be released on August 23. It is based on Cassandra Clare's novel by the same name and since the book is the first in the Mortal Instruments trilogy we're pretty much guaranteed a sequel. Plenty of action, magic and general badassery are also guaranteed. Of course Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower aren't exactly eyesores either.

And on November 22 Lionsgate is giving us Catching Fire, which I'm sure needs no introduction. Here's their latest trailer!

I rarely go to the movies but I think I'll make an exception for these two :)

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