Friday, October 30, 2009

Twilight. Part 1.

Yes, it was those four. Not very original of me, I know, but they hooked me and still haven't let go. So now, cuddled up in the warm embrace of the fandom and fangirling over every bit of news, I'm obsessed with a fictional world. Yes, I know. Not very original either. It could be worse. I could be on drugs or something. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
To those who are sighing, raising eyebrows, shaking heads and rolling eyes: feel free to stop, I've heard and seen it all and I'm not changing my ways. There's some more stuff I'd like to say, so here goes:

To those who's maintain that the writing isn't that great and that Stephenie Meyer seems to have gotten carried away with a thesaurus:

The writing may not be Pulitzer prose but how many books have you read that grabbed you inside and twisted? How many books have you read where the characters seemed real and you cared so much that when they cried you cried with them? How many books have made you feel anything more than mild amusement? How many books pulled you away from the TV?
To each his own of course but these books grabbed me. They made me feel and care and want to learn and explore and discover and do something with myself other than go with the flow. After reading them I stopped caring about whether my dreams were practical or not. They are mine and even if I fail at least I'll know I've tried. I'm not afraid to try something that in my gut I know is right for me, even if nobody else thinks so because if one doesn't believe in oneself nobody else will. How many books have woken you up like that?
So yes, I'm grateful to Stephenie Meyer for writing these books because I found them at the right time and they made a difference. Go read 'em. May be they'll do something for you too.

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